A new concept of ice cream shop

It is not enough to have a high quality product to give life to a successful ice cream shop in franchising. Italian ice cream must be capable of adapting to the tastes and the consumption of the place where it is exported. Nevertheless, being suitable anywhere does not mean it loses the qualities and values that mark its Italian origins. As a matter of fact, not only is it necessary to know the market in depth but also to observe its changes and understand the needs and the potential reception. The project of Bellamia ice cream shops in franchising comes from this analysis. In its premises Bellamia proposes the real “Italian experience”through a mood that transfers the whole Italian taste for the “dolce vita”.

Innovative manufacturing method
The Bellamia manufactoring method consists of the homemade process of pasteurization with high quality ingredients. The ripening takes place in vats under a controlled temperature (4°C, -39,2°F) and, after the packaging in one flavor bag in boxes, the ice cream is taken to a very low temperature (-18°C). At this point the bags are delivered to Bellamia Ice cream shops and the product can be whipped. This is the only phase that has to be carried out in the sales premises.

Your Bellamia ice cream  shop

Thanks to a revolutionary manufacturing method it is possible to learn to produce the Bellamia ice cream easily and quickly and you will obtain a special product right from the start.
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