The exclusive simplicity of an exportable model

You need a few easy steps to open a Bellamia ice cream shop in franchising.
  1. First contact
  2. Meeting to evaluate the feasibility of the project
  3. Inspection of the potential location
  4. Quotation
  5. Contract
  6. Assistance in creating the ice cream shop
  7. Staff training
  8. Opening the sales premises
  9. Promoting and Marketing

What is needed: requirements and authorizations

Since it is a home made activity, there is no need for special licence other than conforming with the rules in force regarding local homemade activities in the selected nations where the sales premises are to be opened.

Where you can open:the location study

The Bellamia concept directs the location study to city centres and to the main cities of Italy, Europe and worldwide and to densly populated or touristic urban centres and shopping centres. Choosing the best place for your ice cream shop is fundamental for the the project’s success. It is important that the location is highly visible and also provides a parking area. Furthermore, it also has to be located in “pedestrianized areas”, for instance, near shopping centres, cinemas, schools, banks, parks, etc. When the location is chosen you only need to find a place which doesn’t have to be too big to open your shop, even since there is no need for a manufacturing lab. You can open a cost effective shop thanks to a product that does not go out of season and that guarantees a frequent consumption and high marginality.

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