Assistance during the starting and management of the business

Bellamia is not just an ice cream store. It’s a completely structured project involving a set of operations performed with a collective effort: your desire to do business is combined with our experience and professionalism.

  • Designing and building the store: the franchisee will have the exclusive assistance of architects and graphic designers provided by Bellamia regarding planning and creating the layouts of the sales points.

  • The study and creation of original ice cream recipes: the Bellamia staff will assure constant study of the ice cream recipes according to the season and territory. It will also guarantee the rotation of the flavours according to the requests and information shared with the franchisee.

  • The supply of materials, machinery and semi-finished products: Bellamia guarantees the exclusive supply of the semi-finished product (one-flavour bag in the box), several materials and the necessary machinery so that the sales point is opened and functional.

  • On-site training: qualified Bellamia staff will guarantee the necessary training in the sales point.

  • Consultancy during the grand opening and initial start up:the Bellamia staff will attend the opening of the sales point. They will guarantee assistance and advice on any eventual problems that arise on the intial start up.

  • Refresher courses:refresher courses will be arranged in order to discuss modified flavours, in-store communication activities, etc.

  • On-line assistance 24 hours a day the stock-houses of each sales point will be connected on-line with the headquarters by means of an administrative software for necessary checks and supplies.

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