All the advantages of Bellamia

  1. All the advantages of BellamiaIt is constant: Ice cream consumption is not affected by fashion or season.

  2. It is transversal: the target of ice cream consumers is not affected by age or social classes

  3. It guarantees savings: once the activity has started there is no need to make further investments. Furthermore, preparing the ice cream requires no provisions so that money will be saved for supplies and stocks.
A strong image that is easily recognized, a safe and special space.

The Bellamia sales point is not only an ice cream shop: it is a special environment where you can relax and enjoy the very best ice cream.

Thanks to a catchy image, Bellamia combines the values of the authenticity of a traditional milk bar with the contemporary, innovative elegant and minimalist design. For a unique ice cream shop that communicates the Italian relish for “la dolce vita”.

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