Handicraft ice cream and Ape Car Piaggio are Italian symbols recognized all over the world. Bellamia has wanted to launch her unique and innovative idea to serve the ice cream in the famous Ape Car. Bellamia proposes a preparation personalized on any of the models Ape Car introduces on the market, from the "mythical" 50 CC to the more powerful 220 CC, Bellamia proposes to offer a practical service, flexible and of great visual impact, making the experience of tasting ice cream unforgettable.

Ape Car Bellamia: the traditional ice cream makes road

Some years ago, when our grandparents played on the roads, the arrival of the mythical barrow of the ice creams, often accompanied by music and sounds, it provoked in their hearts a joy and a frenzy that it could be checked only with a great ice cream.
With this memory, like black and white style, and with the desire to recall these ancient emotions Bellamia has thought about placing side by side or, in some cases, to replace the traditional point sale with Ape Car Bellamia.
This romantic and ancient solution of administration of the ice cream with the Ape Car is available for the Bellamia clients that wants to place side by side to an Italian traditional gelateria with a winning mean. This solution will allow the dealers to be flexible and to serve the ice cream anywhere, exploiting all the sinergies of the case with the Bellamia store.
Equally it is possible to purchase one of these fantastic means with you can whip the ice cream Bellamia to always have a small available gelateria. For those people who want to open a romantic activity of ancient tradition and modern flexibility, Bellamia has the solution to course of hand, or of handlebar

Every event is unforgettable with the Ape Car Bellamia

The emotional bond among the savory ice cream Bellamia and the Ape Car Bellamia is also lent for important events that want to stay unforgettable as marriages, birthday parties, baptisms, inaugurations and in general events that deserve to stay in the memory of whom creates them and of whom participates you. Bellamia offers the service catering, renting her Ape Car and furnishing the already ready ice cream to be tasted second to the specific applications of the client that you can choose among the available traditional variety of tastes. In January also the popular football player of Milan and of the Italian National Gennaro Gattuso chose the service of Ape Car Bellamia to make even more unforgettable a very particular day: the inauguration of his beautiful fishmonger's shop "Ittica e Gastronomia Gattuso e Bianchi". It has been opened in Gallarate, really close to Milan together with his business partner Andrea Bianchi.
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